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Everything is Connected!

Learn your body and move Pain FREE! 

Living in a hectic world, we all seek that quick fix for our aches and pains, but in today’s over-prescribed reality, medications often mask the true underlying cause of our physical conditions.


Utilizing several well-practiced techniques, we are proud about our ability to find the root cause of your issues then treat and heal them naturally.

We established Holistic Revolution, a therapeutic massage therapy practice, in 2011 with the purpose of treating physical conditions and educating our clients about repair, preventative pain and how to achieve a better-quality life. We believe that everything is connected, our bodies, our minds, our lifestyles and those around us. We adopt this view into our practice, looking at your body as a whole to find the underlying cause of your physical conditions and building personalized treatment plans to overcome them.


While traditional massage is beneficial for your health and stress levels, few know that therapeutic massage therapy can actually achieve structural changes within the body, treat complex physical conditions as well as remove inflammations. This effectively means that investing in therapeutic massage therapy could be the missing link for you to reach optimal health as well as it could save you money on general healthcare and medications.


“Massage Therapy is a beautiful and one of the oldest forms of medicine documented. It is an industry where respect is growing significantly within the western healthcare field with several case studies that shows its positive effect on many diseases and ailments. We are so proud to be a part of it and we are always learning and growing as therapists.”

Beth & Jennifer

Our Services

We are specialized in therapeutic massage therapy and a number of modalities and techniques that help bring your body into balance. Depending on your specific case, needs and symptoms, we approach your body with intuitive care and develop a unique treatment plan to assist your body to heal most effectively.


The benefits with therapeutic massage therapy reaches beyond those of traditional massage.

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Therapeutic taping is used to enhance athletic performance, pain management and overall healing.

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