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"Beth Brennan’s adept hands and keen knowledge of neuromuscular mechanics surpass the skills of any massage therapist that has dared to deal with my body. I can’t function without a weekly massage at Holistic Revolution!"

- Wendy F


"I had chronic hip pain for the past 2 years. My surgeon wanted to do surgery, I had the hip replaced in 2014. Since coming to Holistic Revolution my hip pain has virtually disappeared thanks to the magic hands and knowledge of Jenny! Holistic Revolution truly works miracles!"

- Hal M 

"I own a CrossFit gym close to Beth's office. One of my members started going to Beth a while before I did. He kept telling me how great she is, how she is not just a massage therapist but a therapeutic one. 

I myself have a number of spinal issues. Spinal stenosis, disc degenerative disease, amongst a few other ailments. After two surgeries I was in more pain than before them. I've tried everything under the sun trying to relive the pain, so I thought I would give Beth and Jenny a shot. Fast forward a years worth of treatment and I feel much better as far as daily pain than I did before I started seeing her. My pain will always be there because of my condition but Beth and Jenny make it much more endurable. Now that I'm much more mobile and with much less scar tissue I'm able to move a lot better with not as much pain. 

It's not often that I refer my members to people in the medical field because I don't trust most of them but after what Beth and Jenny have done for me I now have half the membership going to see them. They have really made a difference in my life and I remind them of that all the time. "

- Chris I

"Between Manhattan, London and Miami we have yet to find anyone who does what you do. You are a tough act to follow Jenny, we are so happy we found you " 

- H & E


"Jenny has truly given the best massage I have ever had she has an incredible knack for finding that troublesome spot and works out the issues."

- Rob L

"When I first came to see Jennifer at Holistic Revolution, I was having a hard time walking due to a tear in my ACL in my left knew. I thought the only option for me would be surgery. I started coming to Jennifer once a week for the past months. This has been an amazing experience. This is not your typical spa massage. This is a wellness massage based in the complicated needs of an individual. Jennifer has changed my posture, and the health of my knee. I have very little pain and I can walk again, climb stairs and keep up with my son and my dog. It has been a life-changing decision to have this treatment. I would recommend the services at Holistic Revolution to anyone who is serious about changing their health for the better."
- Nancy M

"I've been a patient of Beths for over two years now and couldn't ask for a better, more competent massage therapist.  My profession requires a significant amount of ergonomic challenges resulting in aches, pains and tightness throughout the year.  Beth has always been there to improve and resolve the situation.  She doesn't believe in having heavy hands and just kneading away.  She uses her knowledge of anatomy and trigger points to painlessly resolve your issues and improve your overall posture.  She's also friendly, professional and very easy going.  You will not be disappointed!"

- Dr. A. S.

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